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An organic and a practical skill based ongoing theatre training and public performance program. A program which one can include in a daily life routine.The strength of the program is consistent public shows with pour students.

We also have a lot of trained and experienced theatre and acting related visiting faculties who take various masterclass and also workshop with our students not only about acting but also other aspects like lighting, script analysis, emotions, painting, physical theatre etc. Thus you can get a practical and deeper understanding of course topics through experience-based research . We provide training as well as the practical theatrical experience.Unlike many other acting schools, Priyadarshi Academy has a comprehensive program that heavily incorporates on-stage learning. Our students perform in a series of plays, play readings, story tellingsas part of their program. They also have the opportunity to act on stage., in public shows. This gives the actor a real-world experience, which prepares them for being on a professional set.

So you can take admissions any time and any stage of the course the structure continues amd you get the show after series of rehearsals and training period.

About Girish Pardeshi

Girish Pardeshi


NSD Graduate 1998 batch, Girish has been working in Marathi, Hindi and also Malayalam films, TV and theatre since last 25 years.


a) Best Actor Zee Gaurav 2009 Marmabandh

b) Best Actor Goa State Award 2009 Marmabandh

c) Best Actor Nomination Maharashtra State Awards Marmabandh

d) Best Supporting actor 2006 Zee Marathi Awards for TV show YaSukhannoYa

e) Best Supporting actor 2007 Zee Marathi Awards for TV show YaSukhannoYa

f ) Best Actor Nomination 2012 Maharashtra Times Sanmaan For TV show TujavinSakhya Re.

g) Best Actor Nominations Zee Gaurav( 2018) Play ‘“Bhoomika”

f) Best Actor LIFFTINDIA Film & Literature Festival 2019 “Hash Ernesto Tag Guevara”

g) The Best Story Teller Award by HRD World Congress 2019

h) Citetion Of Honor by Indira Group of Institutes ,Wakad 2019.


a) B.ComBrihan Maharashtra Commerce College. Pune (1995)

b) Diploma in Theatre Acting ( Specialisation) National School Of Drama, New Delhi (1998)

c) Intermediate 2 ( Still going on) Iyengar Yoga Ramamani Iyengar Institute ,Pune.

d) MA in Indology ( A Grade ) Tilak Maharashtra Vidyapeeth, Pune


a) ShyamSakhi( 2002) ( 4 shows) Chetan Datar LasyaProductions , Mumbai.

b) Thanda Gosht ( 2003) (5 shows) Chetan Datar Avishkar , Mumbai. ( Solo performance )

c) Pagal Ki Diary ( Solo) (2013) (4 shows) Durvesh Arya KrishivCreations , Pune.

d) Sangeet Saubhadra (2014) ( 60 shows) Yashwant Ingavale Om NatyaGandha , Mumbai.

e) MaranaatKharokhar Jag Jagate (2015). ( 5 shows)Rasika Agashe Being Associations , Mumbai. ( When We Dead Awaken )

f) Dedh Inch Oopar (2016) ( 6 shows) Rupali, Nitin , Ajinkya. KrishivCreations , Pune

g) Bhoomika (2017) (10 shows) Vinita Pimpalkhare Maharashtra CultureCentre,Pune

h) TochParatAalay (2017) ( 32 shows) Mangesh SatputeGanarang Production.

K) Hash Ernesto Tag Guevara (2017) 8 shows all over the country including West Bengal tour , Bharat Rang Mahotsav, New Delhi.,KalaGhoda Festival 2018 Mumbai, Gyan Adab Festival 2018, Pune , Nasik, Poornia etc SubhadeepRaha

L) Directed and designed the play The Just Assassins’ written by Albert Camus it was selected at Minerva National Theatre festival 2019 , Kolhapur.

F) BaakiItihaas 2019 self directed and also acted.

G) Sadgati ( 2020) Self Directed Krishivcreations , Pune


1. Foreign chi Patlin (2007) Pradeep Ghonsikar

2.Marmabandh (2007) Dinesh Bhosale

3. Hota Asa KadhiKadhi (2008) Niranjan joshi

4. Gargi (2008) Ashish Ubale

5 Niruttar (2009) Kumar Sohoni

6.Sasubai ChorilaGelya (2011) Dnyaneshwar Aangane

7.Shri Yogi (2013) Chandrakant Gaikwad

8.Saam DaamDandBhed (2012) NileemaLonari

9.Thira (2013) (Malayalam) Vineeth Srinivasan

10. Mr.X (2014) Vikram Bhatt.

11.Pratiksha (2003) Basu Chatterjee

12 Plan (2013) Jai Taari

13 Bernie (2015) NileemaLonari

14 Anna Hazaare (2015) Shashank Udapurkar

15 Redimix (Guest) (2015) JalinderKumbhar

16. 18 Plus KayadyaachaGho( 2015) Milind Ukey

17.Deshdevi Maa Ashapura (2002) Milind Ukey

18 Pratiksha (2003) Basu Chatterjee

19. SangharshaYatra (2015) Saakaar Raut

20. Marathon Zindagi (2015) Shakir Shaikh and Inayat Shaikh.

21. ANSH (2016) Sandip Trilokekar

22 Bardo (2016) Bhimrao Mude

23 Page 4 (2016) Paritosh Pradhan and Kshitij Kulkarni

24. Berijvajabaaki (2019) Rajesh Bhosale

25 Pravaas (2020) Shashank Uapurkar.


1) BulBul Baugh ( 1999) M K Raina.

2) Hua Savera( 2000) Basu Chatterjee

3) Kora Kagaz( 2001) Asha Parekh

4) Kya BaatHai (2002) Sanjay Jadhav

5) Avantika (2002) Smita Talwalkar

6) PhirBhi… (2003) Ravi Ojha / Riju Bajaj

7) YaSukhannoYa (2005 to 2007) Virendra Pradhan

8 ) Vahini Saheb ( 2006) Virendra Pradhan

9) Vicky AurVetal (2006) Disney Channel

10 )Vaig (2008) Mrinal Kulkarni

11) Mrityunjay (2010) Moti Sagar

12) TujavinSakhyaRe (2011) Mahesh Tagade

13) Kadambari (2012) Mahesh Tagade

14 )Jayostute (2015) Mahesh Kothare

( All the above TV shows were done as main lead ,central and title role. Done few episodes of Crime Patrol and Saavdhan India .)


Director (ex) Indira School Of Mass Communication and Acting Academy ,Wakad, Pune.

a) Visiting Faculty ( Acting ) FLAME International University , Pune

b) Visiting Faculty ( Acting ) Indira School Of Communication , Wakad, Pune.

c) Guide and Mentor ( Acting ) Expression Lab , Pune ( Solo Performance Festival).


Sakharam Binder(2016) , Antigone(2016) , Dedh Inch Oopar(2016) , BaakiItihaas. (2017) Just Assasins( 2018)

8) Also been the main Coordinator for the International Theatre Festival of India, Bharat Rang Mahotsav, Sattelite City, Pune


Gaurav Ghatnekar

Girish Pardeshi is a master who knows how to bring you to the next level. If you're serious about becoming the greatest artist you can be, then you must take him because he will take you to spiritual realms of creativity, integrity, and vision. Funny, warm, compassionate, and totally flexible, he'll work with you where you are!

Kiran khoje

I most heartily recommend Priyadarshi Academy and Girish Pardeshi without reservation; a director, performer, educator, and humanitarian par excellence.

Milind Pathak

A true proponent of the Method, Girish Pardeshi has the capacity to direct actors to the deepest themes of the plays he chooses. His insights into the playwright’s premise, finding the dramatic action, and units and objectives imbue his works with a credibility and authenticity that, in my opinion, rank him as a true master of his craft.